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Lisbon Tales and Trails, several authors (English edition)
Prado editions,2017

Authors:Afonso Cruz, Alice Vieira, Ana Margarida de Carvalho, Bruno Vieira Amaral, Catarina Fonseca, David Machado, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Joana Bértholo, Kalaf Epalanga, Luísa Costa Gomes, Mário Zambujal, Miguel Real, Patrícia Portela, Patrícia Reis, Ricardo Adolfo, Rui Cardoso Martins, Rui Zink, Sandro William Junqueira, Valério Romão.

illustrators: Alex Gozblau, Ana Ventura, André Carrilho, André Letria, António Jorge Gonçalves, Bárbara Assis Pacheco, Bernardo Carvalho, Danuta Wojciechowska, Gonçalo Viana, João Fazenda, Paulo Galindro, Pedro Lourenço, Rui Sousa, Teresa Lima, Tiago Albuquerque, Yara Kono.

Now translated into English by Jethro Soutar (also Translation coordinator), André McDermott, Lauren Applegate, Leslie Smith, Rachel McGill, Rahul Bery, Rita Matos, Tom Gateshead, Yovanka Perdigão, Zoë Perry

Twenty writers and twenty illustrators share with us their secret, nostalgic, imaginary, historical, lost, underground, dirty or utopic Lisbon. With this Lisbon Guide in the pocket, the reader, may he/she be a tourist, a temporary resident, a curious visitor or a natural born Lisbonner, will be able to walk the most unexpected paths in Lisbon and meet the different cities it contains, made of old memories, unforgettable moments, horrible days or just usual morning breakfasts.

"(in this Lisbon guide) there are texts of all genres, illustrated by illustrations that are most of the times genius of 20 artists. Text fights against text, image against image, in a very unusual relationship in illustrated literary books"
João Céu e Silva DN 9 06 16

(Guia Ler e Ver Lisboa and it's English version Lisbon Tales and Trails was made possible with the partnership of EGEAC's 20 years celebration 2016 and in collaboration with CPS - Portuguese Printing Center who has promoted a Lisbon collection of prints of the Illustrators of this guide)

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