radio plays à La Carte

A series of radio plays to be served with your meal at your dinner table. The listener can choose a story (from 10 sec to 15m). The menu is varied with topics such as Science, Beauty, General Knowledge, how to survive in everyday situations, diaries, literature excerpts from dear authors, essays, simple tips on how to improve your self-esteem or how to impress the boss, or known speeches from the XX century that you have heard of but never really heard, and soundscapes from the world.
Feel free to drop by and let your ears be filled with thoughtful dishes.

Original Texts by Patrícia Portela
Texts selection by Isabel Garcez and Patrícia Portela
Voices Tonan Quito, Inês Nogueira, Célia Fechas, Pedro Pires and Ana Pais
Jingle and sound stories by Christoph de Boeck
Image and menu Design Irmã Lúcia, Efeitos Especiais
Executive production Conceição Narciso
Sound editing and recording Rudi Costa
Production Prado

Co-production Prado/Teatro Maria Matos
Associated Producer ZDB
Supports Restart and Imediata – Orphys

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Bons sentimentos

Beach Boys

Como fugir se for amarrado a um poste


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Garrafeira de luxo


Premiere in Lisbon – Dias das Histórias (im)prováveis – Teatro Maria Matos – 19-20 June 2009