Banquet, 2012

Caminho Publishing house

finalist of the Great Prize for novel and novella 2013

The Banquet is a visitation of the founding myths of Humanity. A surprising mixture of philosophical and terrestrial ingredients that invite you to chew the issue of immortality. What can radio-news tell us about Plato’s cave? What would have happened if we had tasted the forbidden fruit of the second tree instead of the first one? What was decided during the Conference of the birds regarding Humankind and its extinction? What happens to a Faust that refuses to trade after signing a pact with the devil?


“fragmented poetry between the interior and exterior of caves and inexplicable phenomena, no one comes out untouched by the impact of the prose of this novelist. (The Banquet) is a novel that thinks itself.”
Carlos Câmara Leme em Colóquio Ler 2014

«[…] The non-classifiable imagination of Patrícia Portela»; «What makes us sell our soul these days?»
Carlos Vaz Marques, «Livros do Dia», TSF, 14 03 2014

«[…] a difficult book, demanding, sometimes obscure»,
«Atual», Expresso, 29-9-2012, pp. 28-29, José Mário Silva

“The Banquet by Patrícia Portela is an unidentifiable-literary-object. An Oddness that knocks you down. (…)
«Ípsilon», Púbico, 29-3-2013, Raquel Ribeiro, p. 29