Going up not North

Editorial Caminho, 2008

“Going up not North ” is the story of a Flatman that lives in a two dimensional world made of flat stories. One day, lazily sliding though a book he encounters a fingerprint and becomes obsessed with this strange “letter”. After intense investigations he becomes aware of the existence of another and very different world from his own: a three dimensional world full of… readers. When he shares this discovery with his peers he is accused of insanity and of spreading disorder in Flatland and he is incarcerated. It is in prison that he finds a way to cross into the other dimension. Realizing that all he needs to exist in the “3D world”, is to be seen by “3D people”, he decides to kidnap the readers and take them into a journey of mystery and magic, between reality and illusion.”


“[Para Cima e não para Norte] is the most important Portuguese Novel of 2008.”
António Levy in Livros Com Rum, RUM, 12 2008

“With her new book “Para Cima e não para Norte”, Patrícia Portela reinforces her connection with performace in a fantasy story that talks about geometry, terrorism, mediatization of society and the ambition of knowledge. All wrapped in a graphic design with no chains.”
João Morales in Os meus livros, 07 2013