Editorial Caminho, 2016

O livro "Zoëlógica", editado pela Caminho, apresentado por Patrícia Portela e Zoë.

O livro "Zoëlógica", editado pela Caminho, apresentado por Patricia Portela e a filha Zoë. Uma excelente leitura para toda a família.#leyaemcasa #leya #fiqueemcasa #Ficaemcasa #livros #ler #leituras #instalivro #books #patríciaportela #editorialcaminhowww.leyaonline.com

Posted by Editorial Caminho on Monday, April 6, 2020


“Can a children’s book written by a mother and a daughter be a philosophical treatise? Yes it can. And we can only thank them for it.”
Gabriela Lourenço in Visão

“Challenging arguments and the logic we presume only belongs to adults, Zoëlógica is a collection of philosophical reflections desguised as a children story.”
João Pedro Oliveira in Parágrafo

“Here is a new concept of a children book. They (Patrícia and Zoë) call it a chatting-book. Because “all the drawings and all the stories were born from conversations and none of them are finnished” (…) Zoëlógica is a lesson on the beauty one can find when ready to listen to the other and dream through the other’s eyes. In other words, an exercise on love and education. Easily one of the best books of the year.”
Time Out, 2016