The Banquet

in the top10 of best performances of the year by the Belgian press, 2007

In this Banquet we are all invited to celebrate Humanity through the experience of a last supper.
In this XXI century symposium, birds, gods, Faustus and spiders discuss immortality and memory in a gastronomic and sensorial concert.
A genetically modified piano, designed and played by Christoph De Boeck allows its sound to travel through the tables in the shape of a DNA spiral. Sitting next to strangers, we taste stories and unusual dishes from the Second Tree of Life.

note: this is a backstage video filmed by Rui Ribeiro in Palácio da Ajuda in 2008


“The Banquet is about big issues such as life and death. A complex but charming and delicious puzzle.“
Pieter t’jonck in De Morgen, 2007

DNA al dente: Surprising mix of philosophical and terrestrial ingredients to munch over our immortality. Bon Appétit!”
Catherine Makereel in Le Soir, 2007

Artistic Team

Text, concept & set Patrícia Portela
Sound design & music Christoph de Boeck
Chef Annick Gernaey
Performed live and audio by Célia Fechas, Sara Gebran, Tonan Quito, Yukiko Shinozaki, Saori Miyazawa and Anton Skrzypiciel
Light design Zé Rui
Filmed interviews Leonardo Simões
Tapestry video Irmã Lucia efeitos especiais
Editing of interviews Els Van Riel
Lay out menu Christelle Fillod
Set construction Koen Raes
Melancholy & research Stef Franck
Research Portugal Nuno Branco & António Saraiva
Technical director Cláudia Rodrigues
Software and Sound technician Fabrice Moinet
Stage & kitchen manager Helena Serra
Production manager Leen Driesen
Production manager assistance BE Marie-Helène Hellebout
Executive production support PT Hélio Mateus
Tour management Eva Nunes

Production Deepblue (BE) and Prado (PT)
Co production Vooruit (BE) Buda Kortrijk (BE) Alkantara (PT)
In collaboration with BOZAR (BE)
With the support of the Ministério da Cultura / Direcção Geral das Artes (PT) Vlaamse Gemeenschap (BE)
Running time 3 hours (dinner + performance)
Spoken Language: English with the possibility of subtitles and recorded voices in translation