Odilia, multimedia performance >8

Odília is a confused muse.
When she was 7, 8, 9, almost 30 years old, she saw an ad in a newspaper for inspirational tasks and applied. When she arrived at the interview, she was late and there were no jobs left. Odilia felt like the only unemployed muse in the world, and she ran out the door and ran and ran and ran and ran and and ran and ran until she tripped over another muse… Penelope.

Artistic Team

Text, selection of images and space Patrícia Portela
Performer Célia Fechas
Dramaturgy Bart Van Den Eynde
Sound design and music Christoph de Boeck
Photography director and video image Leonardo Simões
Graphic composition of videos Irmã Lucia Efeitos Especiais
Light design Zé Rui
Set construction and planning Helder Cardoso
Metal construction Leonel & Bicho
Running time: 1h
Language: can be played in Portuguese, English, Dutch

A Prado Production (PT) in collaboration with Laika (BE)
Funded by the IA/MC (PT) & Laika is supported by Vlaams Gemeenschaap (BE)
Co-produced by Festival Temps d’Images / CCB / Tanzhaus Dusseldorf | Support and residencies Lugar Comum and ZDB | Logistic support by CML arquivo histórico municipal, SONY Portugal, TESA, BOSCH

Prado is funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2006 and by the Instituto Camões for the 2006 tour.

Special thanks to all who helped building this project: Teatro Viriato, Festival Circular, Transforma, Wpzimmer, and Steven Brys, Helena Serra, Patrícia Bateira, Eva Nunes, Luís Rego, Fernando Monteiro, João José Palma Bértolo, Jean Paul Lespagnard, Inês Barahona, and Coed Hills Art Festival that supported the writing of this piece, amongst others.