Music, food, aromas almost always transport us to good memories, as they are very intense and almost secret personal spaces that not even the most cruel repressor can oppress or destroy. After a catastrophe, a separation, a loss or an isolation like the one that many experienced at this moment, good memories can assault us in the most unexpected moments through a taste, a melody, a play or a story, and awaken in us a recognition, a memory, a landscape long forgotten, robbing us of a smile. This project was started before a third of the world was quarantined. Looking out the window, this is a Porto, unknown to all, native inhabitants, foreigners, newcomers. Habits have changed, the pace has changed, the sound, the smell of the city is different. What good memories will we have of this time? What good memories do we want to recall during this period to accompany us at this moment? In regular seminal contact via email and online meetings, the participants and Patrícia Portela answer these questions and also create their memories.

ext, conception and set design Patrícia Portela (in partnership with the participants)
Image and edition Leonardo Simões, Jorge Vaz Gomes e Rui Ribeiro 
Guests Célia Fechas e Zeferino Coelho 
Post production and special effects Irmã Lúcia efeitos especiais 
Lighting Leonardo simões 
Participants Célia Fechas (PT), Dorina Varga (HU), Luis Bagorro (AO), Marcela Pedersen (BR), Maria Maibee (CL) e Raul Santos (PT) 
Proofreading and text editing Isabel Garcez 
Production Teatro Municipal do Porto, Prado associação cultural/ Projecto continuado no contexto do PARALELO Programa de Aproximação às Artes Performativas