In the name of love

Calling Ovide, Adélia Prado, Shakespeare, O’Neill, Stendhal, Barthes or the inevitable Plato, Patrícia Portela and Leonor Barata thinkabout the role of romance in an actual society through the drama and disgrace of Helen of Troy, Cyrano de Bergerac, Mariana Alcoforado, amongst others. In a reflection on vulnerability, stupidity but also the beauty and strength of being in love, this duo travels through the enchantment, the cynicism, the bitterness but also the innocence and revolution spirit Love can offer when we come across it (or when we do not notice it is there). “In the name of Love” is a date-performance for all ages.

a performance by Patrícia Portela with the cumplicity of Leonor Barata, and the voices of Sónia Baptista and Thiago Arrais.
a produtcion by Prado Associação Cultural/Helena Serra
co-produced by Teatro Viriato, Teatro São Luiz, Teatro Campo Alegre
with the support of Dgartes/MC and with the partnership of Boca audio-livros

IN THE NAME OF LOVE, a teaser by Rui Ribeiro